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Trustworthy Business Funding

About Us


Corporate Trust Fund delivers concrete and measurable results for its clients. Through our extensive global network of Institutional Funds, family offices, investment banks, and accredited investor groups. Our funding programs and rates are always competitive and current with the financial landscape that best suits your company's needs and qualifications.

What is alternative finance?

Alternative finance providers act as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, and are complementary to traditional High Street banks.  Corporate Trust Fund's alternative finance platforms are non-bank lenders; covering peer to peer, marketplace, and balance sheet lenders.

Why does it matter?

Around the world, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) struggle to get access to finance.  Traditional banks have retrenched from lending to SMEs, and alternative finance providers have entered the market and are delivering the finance that SMEs need.

The sector is growing!

The alternative finance sector has grown rapidly to date, and is continuing to scale – as evidenced by the performance of Corporate Trust Fund's own portfolio.  In May 2015, Morgan Stanley estimated that the industry would grow to between $150 Bn and $490 Bn globally, by 2020.

Our Mission is your Success


Corporate Trust Fund is democratizing small-mid sized business funding. As the Internet has given rise to new online business lenders, aggregators and social collective funding, our mission is to provide small and mid-sized businesses across America with access to flexible business funding options. Our vision is to bring funding solutions to small and mid-sized businesses that may not necessarily fit the traditional bank and non-financial institutional lending model.


Corporate Trust Fund strives to source suitable small to mid-sized business financing from multiple sources, provide transparency, and lower interest rates by actually investing in YOU alongside our other funding sources. We believe as long as Corporate Trust Fund continues to help our client’s businesses grow, Corporate Trust Fund will continue to grow as well.

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